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meticulous adj
1 marked by precise accordance with details; "was worryingly meticulous about trivial details"; "punctilious in his attention to rules of etiquette" [syn: punctilious]
2 marked by extreme care in treatment of details; "a meticulous craftsman"; "almost worryingly meticulous in his business formalities" [syn: picky]

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  1. with extreme care, precision, and attention to detail. It may be used in praise, synonymous with painstaking; or pejoratively, for absorption to neglect of constraints in time and resources.

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with care, precision and attention
  • Finnish: huolellinen
  • French: méticuleux, soigneux
  • German: akribisch
  • Japanese: 細部まで行き届いた(さいぶまでいきとどいた, saibu made ikitodoita)
  • Portuguese: meticuloso, meticulosa
  • Swedish: omsorgsfull

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